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We want you to know that after 44 wonderful years in the map trade we will be retiring. Wed like to thank the many fine people weve met over that time for their support which has made this such a rewarding time in our lives.

Were also pleased to tell you that our friend and colleague Curtis Wright will be carrying on the tradition. Curtis is young, energetic and loves maps. Hes currently President of the Chicago Map Society. Curtis will be making many changes as he brings the business forward into the 21st century. We encourage you to visit his website: /


If you see any maps on our website that interest you, please contact Curtis directly.

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Mini-Abe Visits Evanston's Central Street

Mini-Abe, the tiny mascot of the Illinois Tourism Bureau visited Evanston during Thanksgiving week, partly to see the Northwestern vs Illinois "Land of Lincoln" football game. However, he was not too busy to critique a political cartoon of himself from an 1865 issue of Harper's Weekly.

Many anti-Lincoln cartoons were published during the Civil War (especially in Punch). However, those appearing in Harper's with it's strong pro-Union policy were generally favorable to Old Abe.

Here he views "The Peace Commission..." an unsigned cartoon from the January 18, 1865 issue of Harper's Weekly. Lincoln's reelection in 1864 dashed Confederate hopes of dealing with the peace-without-victory Democratic presidential candidate. Thus, in early January Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens and others requested a meeting with U.S. Secretary of State William Seward.

Lincoln joined the meeting near Fort Monroe in Hampton Roads, Virginia, but nothing was resolved.

"The Peace Commission" is just one of many Civil War prints, battle scenes and maps at our Central Street Gallery.

References: Bunker, From Rail-splitter to Icon, page 332; Smith, The Lines are Drawn..., page 140.

An Unusual Map Walks In

The most unusual map we ever encountered walked (literally) into our gallery. A nice young woman mentioned in the course of her visit to our gallery that she loved maps so much that she had one tattooed on her foot.

It's a map of the Chicago Transit Authority elevated system. She is a frequent user of the elevated lines and finds the map to be handy. She has even used it to give directions!

For those not familiar with Chicago, the picture shows the map with north at the top. The individual train lines are known by their colors (Red Line, Green Line, etc.) and are correctly colored on the map. You can compare it with the CTA's on-line map:


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