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Gallery: List 85 - Title Pages & Frontispieces

List 85 - Title Pages & Frontispieces

Terms: All items are guaranteed to be original works in Very Good or better condition, except as noted. Ten day return privilege. Refunds are for the amount of purchase and shipping only. Most items are single copies and offered subject to prior sale. Illinois residents please add 10% sales tax. Dimensions are of the image in inches, height first. Abbreviations: Olc = outline color; BW = black & white, i.e., uncolored; c. = circa; cf = centerfold; col = color or colored. Shipping and handling: U.S.: $10.00 per order (priority mail); foreign: $25.00 (air mail). Additional charges for Express mail, FedEx, UPS or registered mail.

As atlases were broken up over the centuries, their elaborate title pages and frontispieces were often ignored by collectors in favor of the maps themselves. Understandable, but in recent years there has been renewed interest in these beautifully designed plates.

The modern eye can appreciate their charm and even decipher some of the symbolism employed, but obscure references can leave the onlooker puzzled. We've done our best to identify figures and situations, and eagerly look forward to Rodney Shirley's forthcoming book, Courtiers and Cannibals, Angels and Amazons: The art of the decorative cartographic title-page. This reference will no doubt shed light on many aspects of this subject.

In the meantime we are pleased to offer the following examples which represent an interesting niche in the map collecting world.

Click to enlarge  1. Aa, van der, Le Nouveau Theatre Du Monde Ou La Geographie Royale... Leiden, 1713. 22 x 17. Red and Black letterpress. Folio title page on thick paper with a 2" x 5" BW engraving by van Bleyswick (fl. 1720-46). SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  2. Anon., The Goddess Vesta Presenting to the Figure of Geography, the Geographical Description of the World, & instructing Her in that Science. n.p., n.d., (London, c. 1770). 9 x 6. BW. Fine. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  3. Blaeu, Toonneel Des Aerdrycx oft Nieuwe Atlas... Amsterdam, 1650. 12 x 7. Full original color with gold leaf highlights. Fine save small stain on title paste-down. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  4. _____, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum Sive Atlas Novus... Amsterdam, 1635. 15 x 9. Touches of original color; metallic objects highlighted with gold leaf. Diagonal crease, marginal tears (one just entering the top neat line) repaired. Good. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  5. Braun & Hogenberg. Civitates Orbis Terrarum. Cologne, 1572. 14 x 8. BW. Near Fine save ink signatures and date (Feb. 9, 1876) in upper right margin. $350.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  6. _____, Theatre Des Principles Villes De Tout L'Univers... Cologne, 1574. 14 x 9. Full old color. Paint smudged in a few places, else VG. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  7. _____, Urbium Praecipuarum Totius Mundi. Cologne, 1581. 13 x 8 . BW A little surface dirt, mostly in lower margin, and an ink notation upper right margin, else VG. $350.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  8. _____, Urbium Praecipuarum Mundi Theatrum Quintum..., Cologne, 1598. 13 x 8. BW. Slight show- thru of text verso; lower margin close trimmed, else VG. $350.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  9. Colton, Untitled Frontispiece. NY, 1855. Image approx. 13 x 9. BW. Lightly age-toned. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  10. Danckerts, Atlas. Amsterdam, c. 1685. 17 x 9. Full, vivid original color. Old repair to lower right corner margin, a little dirt in margins, and tide marks outside printed areas. Two line Latin inscription in an old hand in upper margin, again, not touching engraved portion. Overall Good+. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  11. Dodsley, Untitled frontispiece. London, 1761. 3 x 5. BW. SOLD [details]

With California as an Island

Click to enlarge  12. De Fer, Atlas Ou Recueil De Cartes Geographiques... Paris, 1709. BW. 15 x 11. Vertical crease. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  13. Heylyn, Cosmographie in foure Books... London, 1682. 11 x 7. BW. Fine save a small rubbed area in the lower background. $200.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  14. Jaillot, Atlas Francois... Paris, 1695. 17 x 11. BW. Fine. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  15. Jaillot-Sanson, Tables Des Cartes etc. Du Sr. Sanson Contenues Dans ce Volume; n.p., n.d. but Amsterdam, 1695. 20 x 17. Full original color. Diagonal crease upper left, a few light marginal stains, one entering lower neat line. Overall VG. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  16. Jansson, [Blank Title], Amsterdam, 1657. 15 x 10. BW. Fine. $400.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  17. Johnson & Browning, American Atlas. NY, 1861. Image approx. 13 x 11 on folio leaf. BW. A few scattered fox marks, tidemark lower right margin. Good+. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  18. London Magazine, Untitled Frontispiece. London, 1761. 7 x 3. Full color. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  19. Mercator, Belgii Inferioris Geographicae tabule... n.p., n.d. but Amsterdam, c. 1606-1630. 9 x 6. Full original color. VG save right margin reinforced and a few stains. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  20. Mercator-Jansson, Atlas Minor... Amsterdam, 1634. 6 x 7. Full color. $300.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  21. Moll, A System of Geography with New Maps. London, 1701. 9 x 5. BW. A few scattered light stains in armillary, else VG. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  22. Ortelius, [Untitled Frontispiece to the Epitome] Antwerp, 1589. 3 x 4. BW. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  23. _____. Nomenclator Ptolemaicus... Antwerp, 1595. Vignette 4"x 4" on a folio leaf. Full original color. Evenly age-toned, scattered foxing, else VG. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  24. Picart, Clio instruisant un jeune Seigneur... [Clio instructs the young lord...]. Amsterdam, 1731. 5 x 3 plus six engraved lines of text below the neatline. Some flesh tones, else BW. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  25. Raleigh, The History of the World. London, 1665. BW. 11 x 7. Old repairs to tear upper left and one long vertical crease; bottom margin close-trimmed by binder. Overall Good. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  26. Robert De Vaugondy, Atlas Universel... Paris, 1757. 18 x 13. Full modern color. Some marginal staining and tide marks unobtrusively entering inside the neat line in a few places, else VG. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  27. Robert de Vaugondy / Delacroix, Nouvel Atlas Portatif... pour L'instruction De La Jeunesse... Paris, 1790. 9 x 5. BW. A few scattered light stains. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  28. Robinson's Atlas of the City of Chicago..., NY, 1886. 17 x 14 Tinted litho. Old repairs to lower corners not affecting printed area, else VG. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  29. Speed, The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine... London, 1627. 14 x 9. BW. Old marginal repairs verso and lightly age-toned, else VG. $350.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  30. _____, The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain...With many Additions never before Extant. London, 1676. 14 x 9. BW. Fine. $400.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  31. Tallis, The Illustrated Atlas... London & NY, circa 1851. 12 x 8. Color. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  32. Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co., New Universal Atlas. Phila., 1852. 14 x 9 Chromolitho. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  33. Wytfliet, La Suite De L'Historie Des Indes Orientales... Douay, 1611. 10 x 7. BW. Wormhole lower right margin, else VG. $200.00 [details]


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