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Click to enlarge  1. [World] Mentelle, Mappe-Monde Physique S'Apres Les Vues De Mr. Pallas... Paris, 1779. 12 x 17. Uncolored. Large margins, VG. Double-hemispheres depict speculative geography of continuously linked mountain ranges running through the oceans and on continents. The lettered key identifies major peaks and volcanos with heights in toises (roughly one yard). Drawn by the Abbe Mongez after the theories of Pallas. Engraved by Tardieu. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  2. [NYC] Colton, New York and the Adjacent Cities. NY, 1855. 14 x 24. Original color. Edge tears repaired, else VG. Street plan of Manhattan from The Battery to 86th Street. An inset continues to the north end of the island. Shows parts of Brooklyn, Jersey City and Hoboken. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  3. [NYC] Gleason's Pictorial, A Panoramic View of Broadway, New York City, Commencing at the Astor House. Boston, 1854. 13 x 20. BW. A few tiny pinholes from binding thread at centerfold, minor creases, else Good+. With photocopy of text from the journal. $150 [details]

Click to enlarge  4. [England, Middlesex] Seale, To the Most noble Thomas Holles Pelham Duke of Newcastle, Lord Lieutenant of Middlesex & Westminster, His Majesty's Secretary of State, Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, & c, Knight of the Most Noble Order of ye Garter this Map of the County of Middlesex is Dedicated by his Grace's most humble Servant R.W. Seale. London, circa 1760. Map 20 x 24; with side panels 20 x 29. Uncolored. Dissected and mounted on linen. Fold discoloration, some rubbing in title cartouche, overall VG. With a marbled paper slipcase for Laurie & Whittle's Middlesex. $750 [details]

Click to enlarge  5. [England, Middlesex] C. Greenwood & Co., Map of the County of Middlesex, from an Actual Survey in the Years 1819 & 1820..., London, 1829. 21 x 25. Original hand color. VG. A large-scale map with 18 symbols identifying toll roads, castles, wind and water mills, parks and canals. There are two large vignettes Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral plus a compass rose. Sold

Click to enlarge  6. [London] Van der Aa, Londres, Capitale De L'Angleterre. Leiden, 1719. 8 x 10. Hand color. London before the Fire. Looking north across the Thames with travelers and London Bridge in the foreground. From Whitehall to the Tower. Based on Hollar's 1647 view. Captions identify landmarks such as "Beere Baiting" (Bear Baiting) arena, St. Paul's in it's pre-Wren state. $450 [details]

Click to enlarge  7. [London] Cary, Cary's New Pocket Plan of London, Westminster and Southwark; with all the adjacent Buildings in St. George's Field & c. &c. to which are annexed (from Authority) the exact Boundary of the Rule of the King's Bench Prison; the situation of the Receiving Houses of the General and Penny Post Offices; References to the Public Buildings & c. also a Correct List of upwards of 350 Hackney Coach Fares. London, Jan.1, 1794. 16 x 24. Dissected and linen-backed. Original hand color the Thames and parks are green, the City pink with a red outline. A few fold separations; small loss of linen backing at the center. Overall VG. $1000 [details]

Click to enlarge  8. [London] Wallis, Wallis's Plan of the Cities of London and Westminster for 1800 to which are added Coach Fares by Authority of the Commissioners of the Coach Office. London, 1800. 15 x 23. Dissected and mounted on linen. No covers. Faded original hand color: green for the river, parks and squares; pink for the City's border. Large stain near Sommerset Place, a few scattered stains, surface dirt. Only Good. Howgego, Printed Maps of London circa 1553-1850, No. 217 (2a). $450

Click to enlarge  9. [London] SDUK, London 1846. London, 1846. 15 x 26. Original outline color. River and parks in green. VG+. West to Kensington Gardens, east to Greenwich, north to Kentish town, south to the Grand Surrey Canal. Rail lines are shown, numerous public buildings named and topographical features noted such as "Marshy Ground at the Isle of Dogs," "7 Feet Below High Water Mark." Several public houses or inns are located such as the Swiss Cottage Tavern, as well as commercial enterprises the White Lead manufacturing in Southwark. Howgego 385 (2). Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  10. [London] Cruchley, Cruchley's New Plan of London Improved.. London, 1848. 20 x 54. Dissected and mounted on linen with attractive plaid paper outer covers and dark green borders. Folded into a contemporary case with printed label. Vivid outline color with color key for boundaries of the City, Westminster and Southwark, and rail lines. This edition not in Howgego. See Howgego 304, C for earlier editions. $3000

Click to enlarge  11. [London] Cruchley, Reduced Ordnance Map of London. London, circa 1868. 25 x 33. Original color applied by stencil. A few fold separations. Front cover detached, but present. Else VG. Color key to omnibus routes, railroads completed and railroads in progress. The Underground rail routes key is uncolored. Identifies major landmarks, rail stations. Albert Hall (built 1867-71) is present, but not Tower Bridge (built 1886-94). Hyde, Printed Maps of Victorian London 1851-1900 No. 121[1]. $500 [details]

Sherlock Holmes' London

Click to enlarge  12. [London] Bacon, Bacon's "Midget" Map of Central and West London. London, circa 1900. 18 x 23. Printed color. Folded into paper covers with a 63-page "Stranger's Guide to London." Fold separations; lightly age-toned, else VG. From Wormwood Scrubs to the Tower, Belsize Park south to Ruskin Park. Rail stations are prominent. The travel guide lists cab fares, hours of public attractions such as Madame Tussaud's wax museum, and a list of theaters. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  13. [Greece] Ortelius, Graecia, Sophiani. Antwerp, 1579 (1587). 13 x 19. Attractive full color. Fine. The Mannerist cartouche features the word Hellas in Greek characters, and allegorical figures supporting the title. The geography is from Sophianos' eight-sheet map of 1545. French text verso. Karrow, pp. 495-98; Van den Broecke 215; Zacharakis 1453. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  14. [Greece] Visscher, Exactissima totius Archipelagi nec non Graeciae Tabula... Amsterdam, circa 1690. 18 x 21. Full old color. Minor surface dirt, cf creasing, else VG. Handsome cartouche with Apollo in a Louis XIV hairdo and surrounded by emblems of the arts and sciences. Scarce map of Greece and the Aegean. Includes Crete and part of Anatolia. $650 [details]

Click to enlarge  15. [Greece] Jansson, Hellas seu Graecia Sophiani. Amsterdam, circa 1652. 14 x 19. Attractive old color. No text verso. Small margins, lower margin uneven. Small chip into right border. Crease left center. Ancient Greece with title cartouche supported by figures in military garb, and putti and mer-babies enhancing the scale bars. Van der Krogt 7800H:1.A.3. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  16. [Greece] Robert de Vaugondy, Graecia Vetus... Paris, 1752. 19 x 21. Original outline color. VG. Ancient Greece after Sanson. Numerous place names given. Large cartouche engraved by Catherine Houssard. Pedley 369, state 1. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  17. [Asia] Nolin, L'Asie... Paris, 1690. 17 x 23. Old color. Repairs lower centerfold. Good+. Geography after Coronelli. Includes part of Africa and of Australia (Nouvelle Hollande). Dedicated to Father Francois de la Chaise, confessor of Louis XIV. With an advertisement for installments of the Jesuit Relations. $750 [details]

Click to enlarge  18. [Asia] Jaillot, L'Asie divisee en Ses Principales Regions... Paris, 1696. 21 x 34. Outline color. Edge tear, centerfold repaired. VG. From the eastern Mediterranean to the Land of Jesso east of Japan, and from the Northern Ocean to New Guinea. The Great Wall appears. Nine scale bars including Chinese, Mogul, Persian and Japanese leagues. Decorative cartouches. Allegorical female figures one with an incense burner, the other with a bowl of pearls support the Dauphin's arms. $1500 [details]

Click to enlarge  19. [India] Munster, Tabula Asiae X. Basle, circa 1550. 10 x 13. Color. Worming near centerfold; backed. India between the Ganges and Indus Rivers. The sub-continent is cut off to the south, while the island of Taprobana (Sri Lanka) floats off its southern coast. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  20. [SE Asia] Fries, Tabula XI. Asiae (title verso). Lyons, 1535. 11 x 12. Uncolored. Some show-thru, else VG. A distorted Malay region labeled Aurea Chersone (golden peninsula). To the east is the Magnus Sinus (China Sea) with land beyond it. $750 [details]

Click to enlarge  21. [SE Asia; South Asia] Blaeu, India quae Orientalis dicitur et Insulae Adiacntes. Amsterdam, 1634 (1635). 16 x 19. Beautiful color, possibly original. Scattered stains, chips to upper margin. Latin text verso. Decorative cartouches including vignettes of mer-babes and putti using scientific instruments. Sailing ships, rhumb lines and a compass rose. Dedicated to Lavrentio Real (Laurens Reael), Governor-General of the Dutch East India company (1616-19) and later an Admiral (1625-27). "The first popular map to show the early discoveries in Australia." Moreland & Bannister, 274. Van der Krogt 8400:2. $1800 [details]

Click to enlarge  22. [SE Asia, South Asia] Langlois, Carte Generale Des Indes. Paris, 1830. 10 x 13. Original outline color. VG. Much of Indo-China is labeled Empire D'Anam, composed of Ton King, Cochin China and "Camboge." Extensive color key for India identifies independent states, British protectorates and outright possessions of European powers including even Denmark. $150 [details]

Click to enlarge  23. [SE Asia] Van Der Aa, L'Inde de la Le Gange... Leiden, circa 1713. 10 x 15. Outline color. "Picture frame" decorative border. Top margin trimmed close, else VG. From Bangladesh to the northern part of Borneo. Cartouche features locals holding umbrellas as sunshades. $375 [details]

Click to enlarge  24. [SE Asia] Brue, Carte du Grand Archipel d'Asie... Paris, 1834. 14 x 20. Faded original outline color. Large margins. Faint mat burn, else Fine. Indonesia with the Malay peninsula and the Philippines. Detailed map derived from many sources including Arrowsmith, Dalrymple, Freycinet, Raffles and others. Color key indicates controlling power of regions including indigenous princes. Embossed publisher's blind stamp. $250 [details]

Click to enlarge  25. [East Indies] Jansson, Indiae Orientalis Nova Descriptio. Amsterdam, 1630 (1638). 15 x 19. Beautiful color. VG. From Burma to a conjectural coast line for "Landt vande Papuos" (New Guinea). Sailing ships, sea monsters, rhumb lines and two wind roses. Latin text verso. Koeman / van der Krogt 8500:1B.1. $1500 [details]

Click to enlarge  26. [East Indies] Bowen, An Accurate Map of the East Indies... London, circa 1740. 14 x 17. Outline color. A few creases, some surface dirt. From the Empire of the Great Mogul to "Part of New Holland." The cartouche at upper right is similar to that of Van de Aa above. Prevailing winds are noted. Fell, Early Maps of South-East Asia, p. 22, color plate 5. $375 [details]

Click to enlarge  27. [East Indies] Colton, East Indies. NY, 1855. 12 x 15. Original outline color. Mat burn, tape residue verso, else VG. Indo-China to New Guinea. Inset of Singapore. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  28. [Indo-China] Journal Des Demoiselles, Carte De L'Itineraire Suivi Par M. Le Comte De Tinseau. Paris, 1884. 8x 6. Uncolored. VG. Accompanying text leaves with a few minor edge tears, else VG. Map with descriptive text; removed from the woman's magazine. Shows Tinseau's route including "Ang-Kor-Wat" which he describes as the best religious ruins existing in the world. Also describes audience with King Norodom of Cambodia (ruled 1860 - 1904) and dinner with the Vice-Roy of Siam. $100 [details]

Click to enlarge  29. [Pacific] Andriveau Goujon, Carte de L'Oceanie... Paris, 1837. 15 x 19. Original outline color. Tape residue verso, else VG. Southeast Asia to New Zealand and the Mendana Islands. The interior of Australia (New Holland) is blank and unknown, but a large inset (4 x 5) displays details of the English settlements in New South Wales. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  30. [Pacific] Mitchell, Map of Oceanica Exhibiting its Various Divisions, Island Groups & c. Philadelphia, 1860. 10 x 13. Original outline color Mat burn, else VG. The Pacific Ocean with an inset map of the Sandwich Islands. Floral Border. $85 [details]


WW II escape maps are well-known, and often referred to as silk maps because most were printed on silk and, later in the war, on rayon. These maps were intended as aids to prisoners of war and downed aviators.

The United States produced escape maps for the Pacific Theater while the British did maps for the European Theater. Britain's effort was under MI 9 (Section 9 of the Directorate of Military Intelligence) which was tasked with supporting Allied POWs and resistance movements.

However, a few were printed on mulberry tissue. Like cloth, mulberry is strong, flexible, doesn't make noise when folded and holds up well when wet. In addition, mulberry tissue can be very thin which made it well-suited to smuggling into POW camps in such forms as between the outer layers of playing cards or within board games. The British were able to capture a Japanese cargo ship carrying a shipment of mulberry tissue.

Escape maps on tissue were made in much smaller numbers than those on cloth and are thus far rarer. In over 40 years as specialists in antique maps, this is the first time we have seen examples of these maps.

Click to enlarge  31. [Spain, Portugal, Southern France] British government, H2, circa 1944. 14 x 22. Printed outline color. Tear in margin repaired, else Fine. Sold

Click to enlarge  32. British Air Ministry, Greece, circa 1944. 22 x 18. BW. Fine. Sold

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