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List 102 - The American Interior

"Go west, young man" was Horace Greeley's famous exhortation, but in truth Americans looked beyond their eastern seaboard home even before the French and Indian Wars. The Northwest Ordinance (1787) and the Louisiana Purchase (1803) opened settlement to lands beyond the Alleghenies and then the Mississippi River. This new American interior attracted fur traders, explorers, settlers and those restless souls always looking for greener pastures. The maps in this collection trace the development of the continental U.S. from the Federal period to the early 20th century, giving visual form to Manifest Destiny.

Click to enlarge  1. [Western Hemisphere] Henry Teesdale & Co., America. London, c. 1835. 16 x 13¼. Original outline color. VG. Though a British production, this map attributes New Hanover, New Georgia, Albion and Vancouver Island to U.S. "Western Territory." From Canada (British North America) to the Falklands Islands and beyond British possessions are painted a vivid pink. $250.00
[ details]

Click to enlarge  2. [North America] Delamarche, Amerique Septentrionale. Paris, 1827. 11 x 12¾. Original outline color. VG. Indian tribes are located in the west, which is largely "Pays inconnu" (unknown lands). Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  3. Melish, United States of America Compiled from the latest and best authorities By John Mellish. Philadelphia, 1820. 17 x 21. Full original color. Damp stains upper corners, scattered stains and transference. Good. The Missouri Territory extends from northern Illinois to the headwaters of the Columbia; river systems prominent. Several tribes and forts located; a caption identifies the spot west of the Yellowstone River where "Clarks [sic] Canoes stop 3,000 miles from the Mississippi." Michigan's Upper Peninsula occupies the western shore of Lake Michigan to the Illinois border, cutting off Wisconsin's access to the Great Lakes. Wheat Transmiss. West #338. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  4. Mitchell, No. 4 Map Of The United States And Texas...Map Of Mexico.... Philadelphia, 1839. 10½ x 16¼. Original stencil color. One small ink blot, cf split repaired, else VG. Sold

A detailed map from Mitchell's school atlas. Names many Indian tribes and villages, "settlements" (missionary and otherwise), and features such as lead mines and the Great American Desert. Captions inform the reader of "the route of the Missouri Traders to Santa Fe," and locates the pass where "loaded waggons [sic] may travel" through the Rockies. Large territories (Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri) extend to the Canadian border while Oregon Territory encompasses Vancouver Island. Captions in the Texas Republic note "extensive prairies" and "Herds of Buffaloes with Wild Horses." Population and navigation statistics contribute to this Manifest Destiny era map. [details]

Click to enlarge  5. Mitchell, No. 5 Map Of The United States And Texas...Map Of Mexico And Guatimala [sic], Philadelphia, circa 1848. VG. Original stencil color. Lower centerfold split repaired. This updated school atlas map displays new borders with Mexico and Canada, showing Upper California separate from Mexico. Oregon now is entirely below the 49th parallel. The Great Sandy Desert on the earlier map has disappeared as have references to the wagon pass and Missouri Traders. New additions: the route to Oregon along the Platte River and the famous landmark, Independence Rock. New states: Texas, Iowa , and Wisconsin which appears with sketchy northern and western boundaries and a large area in present-day Minnesota captioned "Chippeways." Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  6. [U.S.] Lapie, Carte Des Etats-Unis... Paris, 1851. 15½ x 21½. Original outline color. VG. The Missouri Territory extends from the Mississippi River to the Rockies and north to the Canadian border. Much detail with extensive river systems and numerous tribes located. $300.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  7.[Eastern & central U.S.] Brue, Carte de la Region Orientale Des Etats-Unis... Paris, circa 1840. 14 x 20. Original hand color. From the Atlantic to the Great Plains. Inset plans of southern Florida and of Newfoundland. Shows rail lines. Names "Territ. de Decotah," Indian Territory, tribes such as "Shyenne et Arapahoes," Osage, "Wyandot," Cherokees, more. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  8. [Mexico] Thompson, Spanish North America. London, 1814. 20 x 24½. Full original color. Two small lower border separations; a little browning in the Pacific, else VG. Covers the region from the Platte River south to the Yucatan and from the Mississippi River west to Baja. "Parts Unknown" describes the area west of Santa Fe. $650.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  9. Carey & Lea, Geographical, Statistical And Historical Map of Mexico. Philadelphia, 1822. 15 x 14¼, with text 14½ x 17½. Full original color; faint centerfold discoloration, else VG. Cites Humboldt. Small flags locate presidios (fortified settlements), crosses identify mines, trails indicated. Caption by the Great Salt Lake: "western limits...are unknown." Lower California to "mouths of the Mississippi" and from the Yucatan to 40 north. $500.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  10. [Mexico] Buchon, Carte Geographique, Statistique Et Historique Du Mexique. Paris, 1825. 12½ x 15½; with text 17¾ x 25½. Full original color. Minor smudges in margins, else VG. Cape Mendocino to the Mississippi. Gives population statistics to 1810. A table lists elevations of major peaks in toises (roughly equivalent to a yard). $300.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  11. [Mexico] Vivien, Carte General Du Mexique Et Des Provinces-Unis De' L'Amerique Centrale... Paris, 1834. 12 x 15½.. Outline color. VG. Cape Mendocino to the Gulf of Mexico and south to Panama; shows all of Florida. Many river systems shown flowing from the Montagnes Oregon ou Rocheries (Oregon or Rocky Mountains). Pre-independence Texas. $300.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  12. Carey, Missouri Territory Formerly Louisiana. Philadelphia, 1814. 12 x 13¾. Outline color. Age-toned, minor mat burn else VG. An early map including discoveries by Lewis & Clark, with other information from Soulard. "Lewis and Clark influence is apparent on the Upper Missouri and also along the Columbia" – Wheat. "Probable" northern and southern boundaries indicated by dotted lines which are hand-colored. Locates many tribes. Wheat 315. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  13. Carey & Lea, Geological, Statistical, And Historical Map of Arkansas Territory. Philadelphia, 1822. 14½ x 14¾, with text 16 x 20½. Original outline color. VG. Sold

First edition. A fundamental western map. "Respectfully inscribed to the Hon. J.C. Calhoun secretary of War By S.H. Long Major T[opographical]. Engineers." Long led a "notable government expedition...supplementing earlier discoveries of Pike and of Lewis and Clark..." -- Howes J41. Names the "Great Desert." Shows tracks of Long's expedition up the Platte with Bell's Detachment along the Arkansas River "eastward" and Talcott's Route of 1820 to the Falls of St. Anthony. Many geographical features named and tribes located, including a Pawnee Village on the Red River "deserted in 1810." "Wisconsin annexed to Michigan" includes much of present-day Minnesota. Issued the same year as James' Account of Long's expedition (also published by Carey & Lea). Wheat 348. [details]

Click to enlarge  14. [Arkansas Territory] Buchon, Carte Geographique, Statistique Et Historique Du Territoire D'Arkansas. Paris, 1825. 14 x 14, with text 18 x 24. Original outline color. Fine. French edition of Carey & Lea with attractive pastel color. Lists population by county (only 7), divided among Whites, Free Blacks, Slaves, and "Others." $750.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  15. Carey & Lea, Geographical, Statistical, Historical Map of Missouri... Philadelphia, 1822. 12 x 9¾, with text 16 x 20½. Original color. VG. First separately printed map of Missouri. At this time Missouri was the largest state in the Union. The Osage Boundary Line is shown near the western border. The text gives population statistics, reports some communities speak only French, and summarizes disputes leading to the Missouri Compromise. Hoover, Mapping St. Louis History, 27a. $650.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  16. Vandermaelen, Partie Des Etas-Unis...No. 49. Brussels, 1829. 18 x 22½. Original body color. VG. From the first lithographic printed atlas. An uncommon map centered on Missouri and with parts of neighboring states and territories. Keys locate mineral deposits such as lead, coal, iron and quartz. Indian villages and tribal regions are noted. $450.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  17. Lucas, Missouri. Baltimore, 1823. 11 x 9¼. Full original pastel color. VG. Includes topographic features such as swamps (one extends into the Arkansas Territory), and a range of unnamed "Mountains" (the Ozarks). Scarce. $350.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  18. Burr, Missouri. NY, 1834. 10 x 12¾. Full original color. VG. Counties are found mainly along major rivers (a principal source of transportation at this time), with the upper part of the state captioned "Bounty Lands." $200.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  19. Tanner, A New Map Of Missouri With Its Roads And Distances. Philadelphia, 1836. 13 x 11. Original hand color applied by stencil. VG. Mileage is given along an extensive road system. A table lists steamboat routes from St. Louis to more than 100 destinations. The northwestern portion is described as "Addition of 1836," referring to disputed lands under the Treaty with the Fox and Sac tribes. Stein, How the States Got Their Shapes, 158 - 60. $375.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  20. Surveyor General, No. 1 Sketch Of The Public Surveys In Kansas And Nebraska. Washington, 1855. 19¾ x 12. Black & white. Lower left margin close-trimmed by binder, age-toned, Good+. Tribal allocations – the largest to Pottawattamies, the smallest for the Chippewa, with an allotment for "Halfbreeds." See Grim, "Mapping Kansas and Nebraska The Role of the General Land Office" in Luebke, Kaye & Moulton (eds.), Mapping the North American Plains. $85.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  21. Colton's Kansas And Nebraska. NY, 1859. 25 x 16½. Full original stencil color. Small marginal repair; old tape repairs verso else VG. The western portions of each territory are not yet fully formed. With 37 counties in Kansas and 33 in Nebraska, albeit some lack even a county seat. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  22. Surveyor General, (7) Map Showing The Progress Of the Public Surveys In Kansas And Nebraska...1861. Washington, D.C., 1861. 23¼ x 18. BW. Age-toned with fold darkening, small split at crease. Good+. Predates the railroad survey; a lettered key identifies townships under survey. The Omaha Reserve is just south of Sioux City on the Nebraska side of the Missouri River; tribal allocations in Kansas are noted such as Delaware Trust Lands, Iowa Trust Lands, and New York Indian Lands. $125.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  23. J.H. Colton's Map Of Nebraska, Dakota And Montana. NY, 1865. 10½x 8½. Small map likely from Johnson's quarto-size New General Cyclopaedia. Original stencil color. VG. With an unusual configuration for Dakota which extends west to include much of modern Wyoming – thus encompassing Yellowstone and Sublette's Lakes. Shows Pony Express Route. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  24. J.H. Colton's Map Of Missouri And Kansas. NY, 1865. 7¾ x 10½. Original stencil color. VG. Small map likely from Johnson's quarto-size New General Cyclopaedia. Original stencil color. VG. Only Kansas' easternmost counties are depicted. $100.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  25. Kansas City Times, ...Map Of The Vicinity Of Kansas City In Kansas And Missouri, 1887. 21 x 29. Full original stencil color. A few small ink blots and a few small fold losses, else VG. $1,250.00

Scarce. "Presented By The ‘Kansas City Times,' January 1st 1887" across the top of the map. Large-scale (7½" = 1 mile) map extends from Shawnee toIndependence. It identifies parks, fairgrounds, rail lines, major bridges. Several neighborhoods are named such as Evanston, Maywood, Boston Heights. Concentric rings mark distance from the city center in one-mile increments. A great piece of ephemera. Probably issued originally as a gift to subscribers. [details]

Click to enlarge  26. Cram, Map of Kansas City, Missouri And Kansas City, Kansas. Chicago, 1888. 10 x 12. Printed color. VG. Rail lines as well as horse and cable routes are indicated. Names Stock Yards, rail depots, and the Shawnee Reserve. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  27. Cram, Omaha. Chicago, circa 1889. 13 x10. Printed color. VG. Locates the Union Stock Yards, parks and public buildings such as the Water Works and the Powder Magazine. $50.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  28. [Rockies Great Plains] Weekly Dispatch, United States of North America North West Sheet. London, 1863. 17 x 12. Original outline color. The Nebraska Territory to the Canadian border, and south to the Arkansas River. Pike's Peak and Bent's Fort are located in western "Kanzas;" proposed rail routes are shown. With the London newspaper's logo in the lower margin. $125.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  29. [U.S. / Mexican Boundary Survey] Emory / Jekyll, Map Of The United States And Their Territories Between the Mississippi And The Pacific... Washington, 1857-58. 20 x 11¾. BW. VG. A fundamental western map summarizing years of government surveys. Highly detailed. Martin & Martin, pl 44; Wheat 822* [916]; illustrated Trans-Mississippi West Vol III, p. 243,. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  30. Mitchell, Oregon And Upper California. Philadelphia, 1847. 15 x 12½. Bright original stencil color. VG. Issued during the the War with Mexico. Whitman's and other Protestant missions are located, Fremont's track and the "Oregon Route" are named. Nueva Helvetia is the area where gold would be found the following year. Philips Atlases 3604, #35a. $950.00 [details]

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