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Click to enlarge  1. [Holy Roman Empire] Nuremberg Chronicle, Electores...Imperator gloriosus... Nuremberg, 1493. 14 x 10. BW. Marginal stains (glue from binding, faint tide marks), else VG. $450.00

One leaf of two (verso Leaf CLXXXII in the Latin edition), showing the enthroned emperor and representatives of the electors/states. The Empire had a long run from the 13th century until extinguished by Napoleon in 1806, though it was already an anachronism in the 18th century when Voltaire quipped it was "neither holy nor Roman nor an empire." Artists William Pleydenwurff and Michael Wolgemut (with apprentice Albrecht Durer) designed the illustrations for this 15th century best-seller. [details]

Click to enlarge  2. [Turkish Empire] Blaeu, Turcicum Imperium. Amsterdam, circa 1640. 16 x 20. Outline color. Repairs to margins, else VG. The Ottoman Empire near its peak with many place names borrowed from Gastaldi. Title cartouche features the Sultan and allegorical figures. The motto at the base is that of the Dutch Republic by way of Sallust: "Unity increases power, Discord destroys it." Perhaps a comment on the internal rivalries at the Ottoman court. Van der Krogt, Atlas Maior, p. 346; Van der Krogt, Koeman's Atlantes Neerlandici 8100:2. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  3. [NE Africa; Prester John] Boisseau, Le Royaume Abyssin ou l'Empire de Prest Iean. Paris, 1643. 5 x 7. Outline color. Top margin close-trimmed, a little surface dirt, else VG. The legendary Christian King in Africa with his capitol shown as a fortified city on Mt. Amara. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  4. [India] Mallet, Partie...De L'Inde Ou L'Empire Du Mogul. Paris, 1683. 5 x 4. Color. VG. From "Chismere" and "Cabul" to the Gulf of Bengal. Allegorical figures in cartouche. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  5. [Persia / Iran] Van der Aa, Royaume de Perse... Leiden, circa 1720. 11 x 13. BW. VG. The cartouche features richly-dressed merchants. With compass rose. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  6. [Charlemagne's Empire] Robert de Vaugondy, Imperium Caroli Magni Occidentis Imperatoris... Paris, 1752. 18 x 21. Original outline color, later color on cartouche. VG. Covers France and much of western Europe. Charles the Great (742? - 814) was crowned by the Pope on Christmas Day, 800 AD. Cartouche engraved by one of the Haussard sisters. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  7. [Mongol Empire] Langlois, Empire Des Mongols. Brussels, circa 1830. 8 x 11. Original pastel color. Moderate mat burn in margins, else VG. From east Asia to European Russia, delineates the vast empire ruled by Genghis Khan (circa 1162 - 1227) and his successors. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  8. Lizars, Russian Empire and Chart of the Communication Between the Archipalgo and Black Sea. Edinburgh, 1831. 21 x 32. Transference, scattered stains. Good only. The chart extends from the Hellespont to Constantinople. Various "stations" are named in Siberia, probably fur trading posts. $375.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  9. [Napoleonic Empire] Migeon, Empire Francais En 1811. Paris, circa 1860. 11 x 14. Original hand color. VG. Most of western Europe, extending east to Prussia and Bohemia and including northern Italy and the Papal States. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  10. Fortune, Colonial Empire of France. May, 1931. Two leaves, each 11 x 9, mounted in one mat. Color. VG. Designed by William Longyear with French possessions in blue, British in red. Captions tend to either the light-hearted ("...Tahiti...where Gaugin painted and world tour ships call") or to snidely anti-French. Of the small French holdings in India: "Trounced by Clive and Coote in 1761. France now rules one-nine-thousandth of India." Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  11. [British Empire] Boston Advertiser, King Edward VIII. Ruler of One-Fourth the World... Boston, March 22, 1936. 14 x 18. Printed color. Age-toned on fragile newsprint, else VG. World map with British possessions in red. Inset portrait of Edward who abdicated later that year to marry twice-divorced American Mrs. Wallis Simpson. Sold [details]


Click to enlarge  12. [Great Lakes] Chatelain, Carte Particuliere du Fleuve Saint Louis... Amsterdam, 1719. 14 x 17. BW. VG+. Retrograde Great Lakes geography. The text on three sides describes the region including Indian tribes, animals, birds, fish, trees, fruit and merchandise with trade values (silver fox = 4 livres, ordinary fox = 2 livres). Karpinski XLIX. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  13. [Great Lakes] London Magazine, A Map of the Five Great Lakes with part of Pensilvania, New York, Canada and Hudsons Bay Territories & c. London, 1755. 8 x 10. BW. Shows Bellin's false islands in Lake Superior. The "boundary of the six Nations" which includes Lakes Huron, Erie and Ontario is marked. Names forts. Jolly LOND-97; Sellers & Van Ee 220. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  14. [Great Lakes] Political Magazine, A New & Accurate Map of the Province of Canada in North America, from the latest and best Authorities. London, 1782. 10 x 13. Color. VG. Scarce. Locates Northern Iroquois, Seneca, Outagami, and others. Jolly POL-57. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  15. [Chicago River] Peltzer, Plate 65 and Plate 101. Chicago, 1872. Lithographs with touches of color. Age-toned, surface dirt and smudges, pencil calculations in margins of these working documents. Two sheets from Peltzer's Atlas of Chicago, the first atlas of the City, showing Wolf Point where the north and south branches of the Chicago River meet. Plate 65 extends from Kinzie Street south to Madison, and Plate 101 continues from Madison to Harrison. Otto Peltzer (1836-1919) wore many hats, including that of chief draughtsoman of Chicago's Board of Public Works.
Sold as a pair. The two sheets are: Sold [details]

The most desirable states of Mitchell's School Geography Maps
Click to enlarge  16. [Texas} Mitchell, No. 13 Map of the State of Texas. Philadelphia, 1846. 10 x 8. Original hand color. Lightly age-toned, a few small scattered stains mostly in margins, else VG. The first printed map to name Dallas. The Rio Grande del Norte is Texas' western border and the Arkansas River is part of the northern border. Thus Santa Fe and Taos are part of Texas. Texas is at its largest when it first joined the Union, but the map encompasses a still greater area including a portion of the Missouri River. Many native American tribes are named throughout. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  17. [Western U.S.] Mitchell, No. 15 Map of Oregon and upper California. Philadelphia, 1846. 10 x 8. Original hand color. Lightly age-toned, else VG. This little map is filled with information naming Indian tribes, trails such as the "Oregon Route," peaks in the Cascade Range, rivers and more. The geography is largely from Fremont's 1845 map. The "Great Interior Basin of California" is seen. With an inset Map of the Columbia River. "Upper or New California goes west from the Rio Grande del Norte to the Pacific. Above it is a vast "Oregon" extending from the continental divide to the Pacific, and from the "Boundary of 1819, 42 " north to the "Boundary of 1824, 54 40'" illustrating James K. Polk's campaign slogan of "Fifty-four forty or fight" in which he claimed the entire Oregon Territory. However, in the Oregon Treaty of 1846 Polk settled on a border with Canada of 49 north. Thus examples of this map with the more northerly border are scarce. Wheat, TM #518. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  18. [Paris] Buache, Plan Du Cours De La Seine Dans La Traversee De Paris. Paris, 1741. 8 x 11. Color. Fine. A record of the Great Flood which crested on Christmas Day, 1740. A major river of France, the Seine also flooded Paris in 1658, 1799, 1802, 1876, 1883 and 1910. $250.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  19. [NE Africa; Ethiopia] Bowen, A New and Accurate map of Nubia & Abissinia... London, circa 1740. 13 x 16. BW. Scattered foxing, else VG. Names kingdoms and provinces, identifies emerald mines. Remarks on inhabitants such as those who trade "elephant teeth" or "...Exiled Fugitive Jews" who live in the Kingdom of Changala. Sold [details]

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