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Click to enlarge  1. [Miniature globe] Bauer Family, The World with ist [sic] Inhabitants. Nuremberg, circa 1815-20. 1½" diameter globe in original box with a foldout panel illustrating national costume of 28 countries or regions. The panel is 2¼" x 49." Globe: engraved gores mounted to a papier-mâché sphere. Uncolored save Europe and New Holland in pink. Slight wear else VG. The 2" x 2¼" x 2" box is covered in brown marbled paper, scuffed and worn. Complete. $4,500.00

Untitled but the initials MCB appear in the north Pacific. The engraved costume panel originally glued to the bottom of the box has come loose, but the tab attached to the first fold is present. Printed images are 1¾" x 1¼" with lovely hand color and captions in German and English. Provenance: in a private collection since 1983 purchase at Christie's South Kensington. Van Der Krogt, Old Globes in the Netherlands, Bau 1 (variant). [details]

Click to enlarge  2. [Miniature globe] Anonymous, New Terrestrial Globe 1836. N.p. but English or American. 1¾" diameter. Minor scuffing to case; globe VG. Sold

The globe fits into a gold-tooled leather case and spins on its brass axial rod. The date 1840 is on one side of the case. Beautiful color enhances the basic geography on this miniature globe. There are only a few place names on the continents but some topographical features are indicated such as the Sahara ("Great Desert") and the Gobi (described as "sandy"). Australia is captioned New Holland. The title and date appear in the north Pacific without a cartouche. No maker's name given. This may be a copy of a globe by the Newton family who produced miniature globes with a similar title. Provenance: in a private collection since it's 1984 purchase from Phillips, Son & Neale. [details]

Click to enlarge  3. [Jigsaw puzzle] Covens & Mortier, L'Utrecht.... Amsterdam, circa 1779. 8¾" x 11¾." Original color. Lightly age-toned. Paper is lifting from the backing at a few tiny places in the graticule; slight warping, else VG. A very rare early jigsaw puzzle map accompanied by a period tongue and groove wooden box measuring 5½" x 6¼" x 1½;" sliding lid with 'Utrecht" in ink. Map mounted to a thin wood backing, the verso covered with blue marbled paper, and cut into 19 pieces. Puzzle shapes are random and don't conform to political or geographic boundaries. Possibly from an old plate by Van der Aa who in 1713 published a map of the same size and title. Covens & Mortier may have purchased Van der Aa's plate, and were re-purposing an old map. Sold

There is some dispute about the creation of dissected maps, but the concept of using puzzles to teach geography to children was more popular in Britain than on the continent during the 18th century. The Elliott Avedon Virtual Museum of Games (University of Waterloo) quotes Bekkerings, History of the Jigsaw Puzzle in the Netherlands "we have seen several pre-1760 maps by Covens and Mortier of Amsterdam, which were made into jigsaw puzzles...We have found that Covens and Mortier advertised their puzzles in 1779..." [details]

Click to enlarge  4. [Board game] Wallis, The Parlour Travellers, Through Europe, A New Game. London, circa 1820. 21" x 18." Original color. VG. Original case covered in marbled paper with hand colored engraved label. Map dissected and mounted on linen. Map VG; case scuffed and worn. $1,250.00

A throw of the die moves a player's token along the board; the instructional sheet (not present) would give geographical / historical facts for each numbered location on the board. The label features costumed figures representing various European nations including a Scottish soldier in a kilt. Wallis & Robinson, Cartographic Innovations..., p. 40, 1.131 Map Games." Provenance: in a private collection since 1983. [details]


Click to enlarge  5. Apianus, Charta Cosmographica, cum Ventorum... Antwerp, circa 1553. 7¼" x 10¾." BW. Lightly age-toned with some marginal staining and a faint yellow stain at upper center. Remnants of old mounts verso. Block 2 (of 3) with border text in Latin and Dutch. Sold

A cordiform world map reportedly based on Gemma Frisius' now lost 1540 map. Basic geographical information but elaborate decoration related to the winds delight the eye. The right graticule is filled with figures of the Zodiac, and the central vignette above the map pairs Zeus with the Holy Roman Emperor (probably Charles V), dressed in classical armor. Special attention is given to depictions of the wind gods, some looking benign and blowing gusts filled with sunshine, snow or flowers. Others are menacing, one spewing sculls. Additional embellishments include ships, sea monsters and a mermaid. Formerly the property of Jean-Michel Cousteau, oceanographic explorer and son of Jacques Cousteau. Shirley, World 82; 96 [details]

Click to enlarge  6. Van der Aa, Planisphere Terrestre Suivant les nouvelle Observations de Astronomes... Leiden, 1713. 21" x 25½" overall; 21" diameter polar projection map. Superb color, possibly contemporary. Trimmed to upper neatline (no loss) with top margin extended. Faint blue paint smudge, a little surface dirt, near Fine. Sold

The geography is from Cassini's rare map published by Nolin in 1696. Accuracy of longitude was improved through astronomical sightings of eclipses of Jupiter's moons from more than forty stations across the globe. Small printed stars mark the locations of observatories employed, including at "S. Yago" (Santiago, Chile) and the Cape of Good Hope. Nevertheless, this azimuthal projection map contains imaginative geography including California as an Island, a seeming Northwest Passage through Baffin Bay, and two major rivers debouching from Lake Zaire in central Africa: one into the Atlantic, one toward Zanzibar. The striking design by J. Goree was engraved by G. Van Gouwen. Shirley, World 579. [details]

Click to enlarge  7. [North Pole] Bowen, Correct Draught of the North Pole And All of the Countries Hereto Discovered... London, circa 1746. 16¾" diameter. BW. Faint centerfold discoloration, else VG. Polar projection with tracks of explorers. Engraved text panels refer to recent voyages, and mention Parliament's £20,000 reward for discovery of the elusive Northwest Passage. The text explains why such a passage is likely including citing the Admiral De Fonte fantasy. Sold [details]


Click to enlarge  8. [North America] Du Four, Amerique Du Nord. Paris circa 1860. 29½" x 21½." Original color applied by stencil; a few small marginal stains else VG. Steel engraving by C.R. Yonnet for Du Four's Atlas Universel. With inset of the Bering Strait. Many Indian tribes are located in the U.S. and British America; with sea routes, currents and prevailing wind directions noted. $500.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  9. [Civil War] Harper's Map Of The Southern States, Including Railroads, County Towns, State Capitols...Forts And Positions of Blockading Ships... NY, 1863. 20" x 30." Original color applied by stencil. VG. The Southern Theatre with decorative borders and roundel portraits of Lincoln, Seward, Scott and M'Clellan. Small inset of south Florida. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  10. [Lincoln] Pratt, Emancipation Proklamation. Davenport, 1865. 12" x 9." Uncolored. Faint tide mark upper left and a few scattered fox marks else VG. Sold

A calligraphic rendition of the Proclamation with a "shadow" portrait of Lincoln by means of heavier pen strokes. A. Hagebock, lithographer. A commemorative piece for the German-speaking market. [details]

Click to enlarge  11. Sartain, Abraham Lincoln. Philadelphia, circa 1865. 10¾" x 9." Uncolored steel engraving. Chips in margins, else VG. Portrait of the Great Emancipator by William Sartain (1843-1924), a noted engraver in mezzotint and founding member of the Society of American Artists. $350.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  12. Lizars, Mexico & Guatimala. Edinburgh, circa 1831. 16½" x 19." Original color. VG save faint transference. "Unknown Parts" above the Gila River; Texas is still part of the Intendancy of San Luis De Potosi. A few trails are shown leading to Mexico City. Belize is labeled "British Terr." $600.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  13. [Southern hemisphere] Laurie & Whittle, Chart containing the greater part of the South Sea south of the Line.../South America with the Adjacent Islands... London, 1794. Two sheets joined, 16½" x 43" overall. Original outline color. Fold breaks repaired verso, else VG. Sold

From New Zealand to St. Helena. With tracks of Halley, Anson, Cook, Bougainville, Tasman, Mendana, others. Tables compare longitude and latitude "by this chart" with charts of Bellin and D'Anville. Dots in the South Pacific identify "Antipodes of the Principal Cities of Europe" such as Paris, Warsaw and Stockholm. [details]

Click to enlarge  14. [Hawaii] Bonne, Carte Des Iles Sandwich. Paris, circa 1787. 9¼" x 13½." Outline color Centerfold stain from binder's glue, else VG. From a French edition of Cook, tracing his positions among the islands with dates of observation. Inset map of Karakooa Bay with soundings. Compass rose and scale bar. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  15. [Hawaii] Hogg, Chart of the Sandwich Islands. London, circa 1790. 8¼" x 13¼." BW. VG+. Engraved by Thomas Condor for an edition of Cook. With tracks and dates; inset map of Karakooa Bay where Cook was killed. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  16. [Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy] Blaeu, Britannia prout divisa... Amsterdam, 1645. 16" x 20½." Outline color map, fully colored vignettes. Old mat burn on edges, not affecting printed area. A few scattered fox marks, else VG. First edition Sold

Exquisite color on side panel vignettes featuring incidents in the sometimes violent history of the Heptarchy, or the seven Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms. The map includes all of England, Scotland and Wales, but the emphasis is on the area south of Hadrian's Wall. Van der Krogt, New Koeman 5000H:2B / 2:301; Shirley, British Isles 549. [details]

Student Copy, Well-Used

Click to enlarge  17. [Europe] Bound fragment from Hungarian scholar Johannes Honter's Rudimenta Cosmographia. Zurich, 1546. Un-paginated with much wear, old repairs to upper and lower cf, surface dirt. Age-toning. Extensive manuscript Latin annotations in both the margins and on the maps themselves. Five double-page woodcut maps, each 5" x 6," printed on both sides of each leaf. Sold

The regional maps are 1) France to Cologne and Lombardy; 2) Brabant to Moravia and Vienna and south to Venice and Croatia; 3) Prussia to Livonia and south to the Crimea ; 4) Transylvania to "Bizantium" and Macedonia; 5) Macedonia to Crete. Also two partial maps (5" x 3") exhibiting the west and east sheets of the Italian and Iberian Peninsulas. [details]

Poland and the Ukraine

Dynastic and other internal disputes made Poland vulnerable to incursions by land-hungry neighbors. Military victories and/or diplomatic arrangements between Russia, Prussia and Austria resulted in catastrophic loss of territory. At the time of the First Partition (1772) Poland lost nearly a quarter of its land and one-fifth of its population. Its border shrank again after the Second Partition (1793) and by the Third Partition in 1795, the Polish state had essentially ceased to exist.

Click to enlarge  18. Senex, A New Map of Poland from the latest Observs. London, circa 1740. 6" x 7½." Outline color. VG. Includes Up[per] Poland, Lo[wer] Poland, Lithuania. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  19. Bowen, An Accurate Map of Poland, Prussia & Lithuania from the best Authorities. London, circa 1750. 6¾" x 8." Color. VG. Rococo cartouche, compass rose, scale bar in British miles. Sold

Click to enlarge  20. Kitchin, Map of Eastern Pt. Of Poland... London, 1764. 8¾" x 7." Body color. VG save faint ink smear to left of cartouche. Published the year Stanislaw August Poniatowski was elected King of Poland. Includes Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Decorative cartouche, compass rose, scale in British miles. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  21. Gentlemen's's Magazine, A Map of Poland with its Appendages shewing the late Partition of that Kingdom. London. 1772. 6¾" x 8." Color. VG. Unadorned map published at the time of the First Partition. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  22. Cary, Poland shewing the Claims of Austria, Russia & Prussia. London, circa 1790. 7½" x 11." BW. VG. Illustrates claims of the Court of Austria, the Empress of Russia, the King of Prussia. A fleur-de-lis indicates north. Distance scales are in Polish and British miles. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  23. Guthrie, Poland Lithuania and Prussia from the latest Authorities. London, circa 1790. 7½ x 8¾. Outline color. VG. With a scale bar in Polish miles and a small fleur-de-lis in the Baltic to indicate north. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  24. Kinnersly, Poland: Shewing the Claims of Russia, Prussia and Austria. London, 1807. 7" x 8½." "Touches of color. VG. Black hatching indicates Russian claims, yellow for Prussia, blue for Austria. Caption refers to the Manifesto of March 25, 1793. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  25. Carey / Guthrie, Poland From the best Authorities. Philadelphia, circa 1820. 7¼' x 7¾." Body color. VG. Later edition of Guthrie's circa 1790 map. "References to Palatinates" lists 31 regions. Polish and British mile scale bars. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  26. [Battle of Poltova] De Fer, La Journee De Poltawa En Ukraine.... Paris, 1714. 9" x 13." Color, VG. Decisive battle in the Great Northern War between Russia and Sweden. A near-contemporary plan of the battle of June 28, 1709 in which Peter the Great defeated Charles XII of Sweden and led to the reinstatement of Augustus II as King of Poland. $450.00

Relates to the Austrian-Russian-Turkish War of 1736-39. Many fortified cities are highlighted in dark red, Ottoman-held towns are shown with crescent-topped spires. Encampments east of the Dnieper are linked by double-lines. [details]

Click to enlarge  27. [Ukraine] Lotter, Theatrum Russorum Victoriis illustratum...s Augsburg, circa 1740-50. 19½ x 22. Original body color. A few marginal smudges, trace of old linen mounts verso, else VG. $850.00

Relates to the Austrian-Russian-Turkish War of 1736-39. Many fortified cities are highlighted in dark red, Ottoman-held towns are shown with crescent-topped spires. Encampments east of the Dnieper are linked by double-lines. [details]

Click to enlarge  28. [Book] Buczek, The History of Polish Cartography. Amsterdam, 1982. 135 pp, 60 BW illustrations. English translation of Prof. Karol Buczek's pioneering study covering the 15th to the 18th centuries. Sold [details]

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