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As most map collectors know, the objects of their affection often started life in an atlas, a book on exploration or geography, or even a bible. Separately issued works such as wall maps and travelers' maps do not enjoy as high a survival rate, and those that do often show signs of heavy usage. This catalog features 19th century folding maps for use by travelers in the Wisconsin Territory (#29), Illinois (#28), London (#35), "Hindoostan" (#46), and Japan (#44).

We note the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo is approaching, June 18, 2015. Historians mark this as one of the pivotal battles of the modern era with its far-reaching consequences throughout the century and up to the First World War. For an account of the battle "By a Near Observer" see Charlotte Waldie Eaton's report (#1), for other Waterloo material see #2-6.

From the hard realities of war let us turn to a more pleasant realm a map of Fairyland. Produced circa 1920 this beautiful large compilation of myths and fairy tales inspired later creators of fantasy maps. In 2007 The Festival of Maps featured an example of this separately-published map from the collections of the Library of Congress. It was a crowd favorite when exhibited at the Field Museum. We are pleased to offer a fine copy of this rare map with its original cloth backing (#7).

For collectors of the Great Lakes see maps #16, 23, 24, 25 and 26.

All items in this catalog may be viewed on our website, and visitors are welcome at our office by appointment.


George & Mary


Click to enlarge  1. (Eaton, Charlotte Waldie) The Battle of Waterloo, Containing The Series Of Accounts Published By Authority, British And Foreign... By A Near Observer, London, 1815. 6th edition with added plate. 8vo. 296 pp with two folding maps and two folding plates of panoramic views with original hand color. Binding a little worn, front hinge cracking. By 1817 Eaton's book had gone through ten editions, a testament to the public's insatiable interest in the battle, and perhaps a tribute to her sister Jane Watts' panorama of the battlefield so detailed "every house, every bush, every tree, every undulation is distinctly copied from nature." The sisters were among the many British visitors to Brussels that fateful June and witnessed the turmoil caused by a major battle fought ten miles from the city center. Sold [details]


Click to enlarge  2. [View] Kinnersley, Battle of Waterloo, on the 18th of June, 1815, London, 1816. 8 x 15. BW. Repair to edge tear, else VG. Folding plate; panoramic view of the battle's climax with Wellington and Blucher in the foreground, the retreating Imperial Guard formed in square, and the allies in pursuit. Engraved by L. Brown after a painting by G.M. Brighty. $200.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  3. Orme, The Death Of The Duke Of Brunswick. June 15th 1815. 7½ x 11½. Full original color. After a painting by Manskirch. The Duke was killed defending the crossroads at Quatre Bras. $300.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  4. Orme, Prince Blucher Under His Horse At The Battle Of Waterloo... 7½ x 11½. Full original color. After a painting by J.A. Atkinson. The 72-year old Prussian Field Marshall fell from his horse and was ridden over by French cavalry, not at Waterloo but at the Battle of Ligny on June 16. He recovered sufficiently to lead his troops to Wellington's relief on June 18. $300.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  5. Orme, The Marquis Of Anglesea Wounded While Heading a charge of Heavy Cavalry at the close of the Battle... 7½ x 11½. Full original color. After a painting by J.A. Atkinson. William Paget, Earl of Uxbridge (later Marquis) was a late casualty of the battle. He survived, though he lost a leg. $300.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  6. Orme, Wellington & Blucher Meeting By Accident at the Close of the Battle... 7½ x 11½. Full original color. After a painting by J.A. Atkinson. A moonlit scene as the two leaders greet each other at La Belle Alliance. Blucher suggested that name for the battle as a compliment to the allied armies who defeated Napoleon. But Wellington kept to his custom of naming the battle after his field headquarters in this case the village of Waterloo. $300.00 [details]


Click to enlarge  7. [Fantasy] Sleigh, Bernard, An Anciente Mappe of Fairyland Newly Discovered and Set Forth. London, circa 1920. 18 x 60. Bright original printed color. Cloth-backed as issued. Minor soiling in full margins, else Fine. Early large edition. This densely-illustrated map is filled with such images as castles, nymphs, werewolves, dragons, "The Bay of Dreams," "Beauty and Her Beast," Lancelot, The Snow Queen, and Ulysses. There is a "Scale of Thoughts," while a key has symbols for Wishing Wells, Dwarfs' Treasure, etc. Rare, especially in such fine condition. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  8. [World] Ortelius, Typus Orbis Terrarum. Antwerp, 1586 (1588 ed.) 13 x 19 . Original hand color. Printer's creases upper and lower left; old centerfold repairs. Spanish text verso. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  9. [World] Ortelius, Typus Orbis Terrarum. Antwerp, 1587 (1608). 12 x 19. Original hand-color. Italian text verso. $4,500.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  10. [World] Speed, A New and Accurat Map of the World... London, 1651 (1676). 17 x 21¾. Color. Margin edges browned, edge tears and centerfold expertly repaired, overall VG. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  11. [World] Du Val, Planisphere, ou Carte Generale du Monde. Paris, 1684. 13 x 23½. Color. Minor creasing, else VG. Double hemisphere map with the island of California by Du Val's widow and daughter. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  12. [South Polar Projection] Jansson, Polar Antarctus. Amsterdam, 1637. Overall 17 x 19½; map 16¾" diameter. Original color. Scattered stains and browning, mainly in the ocean, and small crease lower right else VG. SOLD [details]


Click to enlarge  13. [W. Hemisphere] Munster, Tabula novarum insularum.... Basle, 1540 (1550). 10¼ x 13¾. Strong BW impression. Slight show-thru, marginal tears repaired. Overall VG. State Five with Latin text verso. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  14. [W. Hemisphere] Homann Heirs, Americae Mappa generalis. Nuremberg, 1746. 18 x 21½. Original body color, later color on cartouche. Mounted on linen. Light rubbing at centerfold, tide marks. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  15. [N. America] Levasseur, Amerique Septentrionale. Paris, circa 1832. 11 x 12 overall, map 8 x 6¾. Original outline color with vignettes uncolored. VG. Pre-independent Texas. $350.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  16. [NE N. Amer.; Great Lakes] Chatelain, Carte Particuliere du Fleuve Saint Louis. Amsterdam, 1719. 14¾ x 17¾ including text on three sides. BW. VG. Sold [details]

French and Indian War

Three maps from Pierre Pouchot's Memoires sur le derniere guerre de L'Amerique Septentrionale. A military engineer, Captain Pouchot was responsible for reconstructing Fort Niagara and designing siege works. His 3-volume book was published posthumously in Yverdon (Switzerland) in 1781. "Contemporary authority of the first importance from the French point of view." --Howes P516. Sabin 64707; Streeter 1033.

Click to enlarge  17. [NE N. Amer.] Pouchot, Carte des Frontiers Francoise, et Angloise... 1781. 12¼ x 13¾. BW. VG. Montreal to Philadelphia, and west to Lake Erie. Forts and battle sites are located, Ms. additions in a pale red ink. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  18. [Fort Niagara] Pouchot, Plan Du Fort de Niagara construit et defendu par M. De Pouchot, 1781. 8½ x 12½. BW. Faint stain in blank area, light transference, else VG. Engraved by F. Zimer. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  19. [Fort Levis] Pouchot, Plan Des attaques Du Fort Levis...par le General Amherst... 1781. 12¼ x 8¾. BW. VG. The fort was situated on Isle Royal (now Chimney Island) in the St. Lawrence. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  20. [American Revolution] Faden, A Plan of the Action at Bunkers Hill, on the 17th of June 1775, Between His Majesty's Troops Under the Command of Major General Howe, and the Rebel Forces... London, 1793. 19¼ x 16¾. BW. VG. Faden published the first edition 1775-78. This example is from Stedman's History of the...American War. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  21. Lewis, The State of New York, Compiled from the Best Authorities, 1795. 16 x 19½. Mounted on linen, with touches of original color (roads in yellow, red in scale bar and graticule). Left margin trimmed almost to neatline; a few scattered stains. Discoloration in margins from old framing. Fair+. $475.00 [details]

Engraved on stone by Mrs. Stone

Click to enlarge  22. DeKrafft / Morrison, Map of the City of Washington... Washington, DC, 1840. 15½ x 17¾. BW. Trimmed evenly all around to neatline. A few scattered stains else Good+. Lithograph by Elizabeth Lenthall Stone (Mrs. John) after F.C. DeKrafft's survey. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  23. [Great Lakes] Coronelli, La Louisiana, Parte Settentrionale... Venice, 1692. 10x 16¼. BW. Good impression; a few printer's ink smudges, else Fine. The most accurate 17th century delineation of the Great Lakes, and the prototype of the region for the next half century. Coronelli's authoritative maps were based on first hand reports of French explorers and missionaries. Karpinski XXVII. sold [details]

Click to enlarge  24. [Upper midwest] Zatta, Il Paese De' Selvaggi Outagamiani, Mascoutensi, Illinesi, E Parte Delle VI Nazioni. Venice, 1778 12½ x 16½. Color. Part IV from Zatta's twelve-sheet map of North America based on John Mitchell's crucial 1755 map. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  25. [Midwest; Great Lakes] John Cary, A New Map of Part of the United States of North America, Exhibiting the Western Territory... London, 1805. 18 x 20½. Original color. Lightly age-toned, else VG. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  26. [Northwest Territory] Matthew Carey, The Upper Territories of the United States. Philadelphia, 1814. 16¾ x 12½. Original outline color. Age-toned, else VG. Borders are not yet in their final configuration. The first issue engraved by Kneass & Delleker. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  27. Tanner, A New Map of Michigan with the Canals, Roads and Distances. Philadelphia, circa 1841-44. 14¼ x 11½. Original color. VG. Though most counties have been formed, no towns are seen above Saginaw. Locates a trading post and copper deposits on the inset map of the Upper Peninsula. A few Indian trails are depicted and villages located. Sold [details]

Illinois Folding Map

Click to enlarge  28. Mitchell, The Tourist's Pocket Map of the State of Illinois exhibiting its Internal Improvements Roads Distance & c. Philadelphia, 1839. 15 x 12½ in original covers. Original hand color. Fine. $875.00 [details]

Rare Map of the Wisconsin Territory

Click to enlarge  29. Hinman & Dutton, Map Of The Settled Part Of Wisconsin Territory Compiled From The Latest Authorities.... Philadelphia, 1837. 21½ x 17. Full original hand color. Removed from covers. Fold separations professionally repaired and backed with archival tissue. A few small losses to printed captions where pieces rejoined (in Lake Michigan under "Shebowgan" and in the label for LaSalle County, Illinois). Rare. Not in the Antique Map Price Record, though a close copy published a year later by S.A. Mitchell appears once. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  30. Colton, Territories of New Mexico and Utah. New York, 1856. 12 x 15½. Original color. Light age-toning to outer margins else VG. $400.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  31. [Island of California] Robert de Vaugondy, Carte De Californie..., Paris, 1770. 11½ x 15. BW. Fine. From an atlas accompanying Diderot's famous encyclopedia, the map shows different depictions of California from 1604 to 1767 as a peninsula, an island, and back again, with citations from various sources. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  32. [Pacific Coast] La Perouse, Carte Generale d'une Partie de la Cote du Nord-Ouest de l'Amerique Reconnue par les Fregates Francaises La Boussole et Astrolabe... Paris, 1797. 27 x 19½. Outline color. Wormhole, edge tears repaired, else VG. Disjointed coastline from Monterey to Mt. St. Elias indicating the frigates were often out of sight of land. $450.00[ details]

Click to enlarge  33. Bowen, A New And Accurate Map of the West Indies... London, circa 1747. 14½ x 17 . Original outline color. Ragged margins but no loss to printed border. Else VG. Many captions with historical notes. $500.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  34. [Brazil] Hondius, Accuratisima Brasiliae Tabulae... Amsterdam, 1634. 15 x 19½. Original color. Scattered light brown stains, mainly in ocean; a few vertical creases, Good+. $750.00 [details]


Click to enlarge  35. [London] Bacon's New Map of London Divided Into Half Mile Squares & Circles... London, 1874 (ca 1878). Original stencil color. 22½ x 31¾ folding into cloth covers. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  36. [Portugal] Robert de Vaugondy, Partie Septentrionale Du Royaume De Portugal and Partie Meridionale... Paris, 1751. Two sheets, each 12½ x 20. Outline color (later color on cartouches). VG save centerfold creasing on northern sheet. The Pair: $400.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  37. [Rome] Cruyl, Pianta Di Roma Come Si Trova... Rome, circa 1773. 19½ x 32½. Color. Backed, edge tears repaired. VG. SOLD [details]

Wine Country

Click to enlarge  38. [Rhine] Blaeu, Rhenus Fluviorum Europae Celeberrimus... Amsterdam, circa 1640. 17¼ x 37½. Original color with a few modern refreshments. Lightly age-toned, with some creasing and a few scattered stains. Small hole lower margin repaired. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  39. [Hungary] Speed, The Mape [sic]of Hungari [sic] newly augmented... London, 1676. 15¼ x 20. Attractive hand-color. Edition published by Bassett & Chiswell. Good margins; VG. With Speed's characteristic panels of inhabitants in native costume, and bird's-eye views of major places. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  40. [Budapest, Hungary] Schedel, Buda Ofen. Nuremberg, 1493. 9½ x 20¾s view with text above; overall 14 x 20¾. BW. Some show-thru, else VG. Strong impression. Woodcut double-page view from the Nuremberg Chronicle of Buda (known as Ofen to Germans). In 1872 Buda was joined to Pest on the opposite bank of the Danube to form Budapest. Sold [details]


Click to enlarge  41. [Africa] De Fer, L'Afrique... Paris, 1717. 9 x 12¾. Outline color. Lightly age-toned. Printer's smudge lower right margin, else VG. Sold [details]

Click to enlarge  42. Rand-McNally, Africa. Chicago, 1911. 26¼ x 19. Printed color. VG. With an inset of the Suez Canal, and two smaller insets of the Cape Verde Islands and islands in the Indian Ocean. Names Italian Somaliland, German South West Africa, French Equatorial Africa, Belgian Congo and British East Africa. $150.00 [details]

Click to enlarge  43. [Sea Chart, West Africa] Mount & Page, A Chart of the Coast of Africa from Cape Verde to Cape Bona Esperansa. London, circa 1746. 17¾ x 21½. Outline color. Top margin trimmed to neatline, small wedge-shaped loss, affecting the graticule only. Scattered ink smears and blotches, light age-toning. North is to the left. Sold [details]


Japanese woodblock map

Click to enlarge  44. [ [Japan] Anon., Dai Nihon hayami dochu-ki [Visualized itinerary of Great Japan}. Published in Edo (Tokyo), Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, etc. by Suwaraya Mohei and 15 others, mid-19th century. Map 13½ x 72; overall with side text 13½ x 90. Original printed color. Accordion-fold with original stiff paper covers. Minor fold losses and wear to covers. Fold breaks repaired with Kozo tissue. Sold details]

Click to enlarge  45. [Korea, Japan] Thomson, Corea And Japan. Edinburgh, 1815. 19¼ x 24½. Original body color. A few faint stains in ocean, else VG. $850.00 [details]

Folding Map of India

Click to enlarge  46. [India] C. Smith, Map of Hindoostan exhibiting its present political divisions compiled from Recent Authorities. London, 1822. 29 x 23. Original color. VG. Map dissected and mounted on linen. Original green marbled paper case scuffed and torn. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  47. [Lahore view] Van der Aa, t'Hof vanden grooten Mogol. Leiden, 1717. 11 x 14¼. BW. VG. Eye-filling scene of a procession approaching the enthroned Mogul while camels and elephants parade past walls of the palace complex. Important buildings are identified in the key. $275.00 [details]


Click to enlarge  48. [Pacific] Ortelius, Maris Pacifici. Antwerp, 1587 (1603). 13½ x 19½. Beautiful original color. Stain upper left, else VG. The first printed map of the Pacific Ocean. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  49. [Bering Straits] Sayer, The Russian Discoveries from the Map Published by the Imperial Academy... London, 1775. 18 x 24. Original outlien color. Repairs to centerfold and edge tears, one of which enters map. Rubbing lower centerfold. SOLD [details]

Click to enlarge  50. [N. Pacific] La Perouse, Carte Des Cotes De L'Amerique Et De L'Asie depuis la Californie Jusqu'a Macao. Paris, 1797. 19½ x 27. Outline color. Faint tide marks in margins extend slightly into map, else VG. The map shows Asia from the mouth of the Lena River to Canton, and North America from The Bering Straits to Baja. It includes Arctic Ocean landfalls sighted by Hearne and MacKenzie, and goes south to Hawaii. Shows tracks of La Perouse's expedition. $350.00 [details]

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