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Raleigh, The History of the World. London, 1665. BW. 11 x 7. Old repairs to tear upper left and one long vertical crease; bottom margin close-trimmed by binder. Overall Good. SOLD

A complicated allegorical title page so beloved of the Tudors and Stuarts, engraved by Reginald Elstrake. Magistra Vitae (Mistress of Life) displays a globe positioned to show portions of the continents, on which ships sail from Europe to the Americas. Tiny vignettes include Adam, Eve and the serpent in Asia, armies on the march in Africa. Other figures include Good and Ill Repute, Knowledge Gained by Experience (Experientia), Truth, Death, and Oblivion. Four decorative pillars bear captions such as Lux Veritas (Light of Truth) and Testis Temporu (Witness of the Times). The all-seeing eye of Providence looks on.

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