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[Straits of Gibraltar] De Fer, Le Fameaux Detroit De Gibaltar. Paris, circa 1705. 9 x 12, BW. Scattered marginal smudges and one small rust spot, else VG. From Gibraltar and Cueta to Cadiz and Tangier with an inset of the coast from Cadiz to Cape St. Vincent. A handsome engraving by Charles Inselin. Over 25 vessels, mostly European sailing ships but also a few galleys, ply the waters. Two engage in combat. North is to the left. $250.00

Only 11 miles separate Gibraltar from Africa, and control of the Straits has been fought over since ancient times. In July, 1704, Admiral Sir George Rooke, supported by Sir Cloudseley Shovell, captured "The Rock" in the name of Queen Anne. Despite many attempts to wrest control from Britain (notably the Great Siege 1779-83), it remains a British Territory. As recently as 2002 the people of Gibraltar rejected a proposal for shared Spanish / British sovereignty and in 2006 they approved a new constitution.

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