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[Mississippi Bubble] Seutter, Accurata delineatio celeberrima Regionis...Ludovicianae...flaminis Mississippi... Augsburg, circa 1730. 19 x 22. Original body color. VG save a small discolored patch in lower Florida. $3,000.00

Scotsman John Law gained favor at the French court when he devised a scheme which killed two birds with one stone: raise money to relieve France of the debts incurred by the endless wars of Louis XIV, and encourage French settlement in the Mississippi River watershed to forestall British "encroachments." Shares in Law's Mississippi Company sold like proverbial hot cakes. The market was white-hot in 1719, but the inevitable crash came in 1720. Though published nearly ten years after the Bubble burst, the extreme experiences of speculation are depicted in the elaborate cartouche where Fortune dispenses her favors and putti blow soap bubbles. Initial investors rejoice and embrace bags of money; bankrupts contemplate suicide. The geography is borrowed from DeFer: scores of Indian villages are located, "Remarques" relate the exploits of LaSalle and others. With an inset of the Gulf Coast at upper left.

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