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[Birds-eye view] Merian / Beek, Grossen Sommern. Frankfurt, circa 1650. Original engraving 3 x 12, extended to 6 x 12 + " wide colored border on its 10 x 24 supporting sheet of matching paper. Brilliant original hand color. Two faint stains, else VG. Double-page view of a small town on the banks of a river. Bridge and carriage in foreground, and a smaller community is on the horizon to the left. $850.00

Without completely cutting through the paper Beek has carefully shaved the title from its original position near the skyline and placed it 3" higher. She artistically masked affected areas with watercolor. The change is barely noticeable; only by holding the paper to the light can one detect differences the paper is thinner at the old location and thicker at the new position. Presumably this change was done for esthetic reasons.

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