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[French & Indian War] Universal Magazine, A Perspective View Of Lake George / Plan of Ticonderoga. London, Nov., 1759. 10 x 6 overall. BW. VG. Sold

The top part of the view shows the floating battery on Lake George. It illustrates Gen. Amherst's attack on Fort Ti avenging Gen. Abercrombie's humiliating defeat the previous year. After two days the French abandoned the fort, but booby-trapped it as they left. Deserters warned Amherst but no one took his offer of a 100 guinea reward to cut the fuse, and the fort was destroyed in a spectacular explosion. A key identifies 20 points of interest or action; a caption says the breastwork is "made of Felld [sic] trees to defend the Road."

The 3 x 6 view is dominated by shot and shell piled in the foreground, with a glimpse of Diamond Island in the distance. The plan encompasses the approach to Lake George; 20 sites or events are identified. Jolly, UNIV-84; Phillips, Maps, p. 852; Schwartz, French & Indian War, p. 109.

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