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[North America] Levasseur, Amerique Septentrionale, circa 1840. Overall 11 x 17 with large decorative surround, map alone 8 x 7. Bright, fresh impression with pastel color. The elaborate surround includes flora, fauna, and representative vignettes from a ship trapped in the ice to Monctazuma's Temple. Explanatory panel also lists populations (the U.S. has 16,580,000 inhabitants). Designed and engraved by Raimond Bonheur (father and teacher of the famous animal painter, Rosa Bonheur). Shows the southern border with Mexico per the Adams-Onis Treaty of 1819 and the northern border in the far west extendng to 54 40' (changed to the 49th parallel in the 1846 Oregon Treaty). $300.00

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