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[Book] Wilson, The Making Of The Nuremberg Chronicle. Amsterdam, 1976. Folio, 255 pp. Numerous BW illustrations and 12 full color plates. As new. $185.00

The Liber Chronicarum or Nuremberg Chronicle was written and edited by physician and humanist scholar Hartmann Schedel and purports to cover the history of the world from Creation to time of publication (1493). Many of the 600+ pages are embellished with woodblock maps, views, "portraits" and historical vignettes by Michael Wolgemut and Wilhelm Pleydenwurf, and their apprentice Albrecht Durer. As a cost-saving strategy, some blocks were used multiple times. Thus 645 separate blocks constituted the 1,804 images which made this the most lavishly illustrated printed book to date. In 1972 the discovery of a trove of exemplars, or manuscript layouts for the pictures and letterpress used by the printer, resulted in Wilson's groundbreaking study of the printing and publishing techniques of the period.

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