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[Pictorial map] Rentschler, The Old Northwest Territory.. Ohio, c. 1936. 22 x 16. Color litho. VG. With 8vo booklet History of The Ordinance Of 1787...(A Supplemental Text for School Use) Marietta, OH, 1937. 95 pp with many BW illustrations. Paper covers scuffed else VG. Sold

Issued by the Ohio WPA and the Sesquicentennial Commission, the map features many historical vignettes, a compass rose and 10 inset maps including one captioned "Here Is Shown How The Indians Were Dispossessed." Verso: information on upcoming events and re-enactments, contests for kids, etc. With entire text of the document. Significant passages are printed in red emphasizing concepts later adopted in the Bill of Rights, and a provision banning slavery in the Territory.

The Supplement refers to the map as an excellent way to teach history. It also contains suggestions for turning it into a decorative lampshade and how to "antique" it with a coat of orange shellac! Thankfully, this copy escaped such improvements.

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