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[Southern hemisphere; Cook] Forster, A Chart Of The Southern Hemisphere, according to the latest Discoveries: with the Tracks of the Resolution, Capn. Cook; and the Adventure, Capn. Furneaux; from 1772, to 1775. By George Forster, F.R.S. London, 1777. 26" x 25" enclosing a 24" diameter south polar projection. BW. Creases, transference. Edge tears repaired. $1,500.00

Engraved by William Whitchurch after George Forster's map charting the tracks of Captains Cook and Furneaux 1772-75. A circular chart from 20 degrees south latitude to the pole. Notes and keys to the map in the corners. Forster, with his father Johan, accompanied Cook's second voyage as scientific observers. Due to editorial disputes regarding the voyage's report, Forster published his own account. Clancy states Forster's work was issued several weeks before the official report. The map shows the routes of the Resolution and of the Adventure including the famous crossing of the Antarctic Circle. Clancy, The Mapping of Terra Australis 8.8.

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