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Chatelain, Carte de la Nouvelle France... Amsterdam, 1719. 16 x 19. Lovely color. Fine. Reduced from De Fer's four-sheet map of 1718, it focuses on French possessions in North America. The French produced several such maps at this time to encourage emigration to America and the supposed riches of the region which led to the financial collapse known as the Mississippi Bubble. Packed with place names and captions. With scale bars and a short list of co-ordinates for New World cities. At upper left is a large inset, enclosed by scrollwork, of the Gulf coast from the Mississippi delta to St. Joseph Bay. At lower right is another inset with a map of Quebec's environs and a view of the city from the river. The interior has many figures of game hunted by Indians, while the sea is filled with ships and canoes. McCorkle #719.4. Sold

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