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[Great Lakes] Coronelli, La Louisiana Parte Settentrionale... Venice, 1696. 10 x 16. BW. VG. The most accurate 17th century delineation of the Great Lakes. Coronelli's was the prototype map of the Great Lakes region for half a century. It's geography was not improved upon significantly until Bellin's cornerstone map of 1744. As cartographer to Louis XIV, Coronelli's authoritative maps were based on first hand reports of French explorers and missionaries. While the Great Lakes' outline was an improvement, oddities are palm trees and an alligator placed north of Lake Superior! Burden, Mapping of North America II #701; Heidenriech & Dahl, French Mapping of North America, 1600-1760 (The Map Collector offprint, 1982), pp. 8-9; Karpinski XXVII; Kershaw #163; Tooley, The Mapping of America, pp. 306, 314. $4,800.00

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