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[New York harbor] Political Magazine, CHART and PLAN of the HARBOUR of NEW YORK & the County Adjacent, from SANDY HOOK to KINGSBRIDGE, Comprehending The WHOLE of NEW YORK and STATEN ISLANDS, and Part of Long Island & the JERSEY SHORE: And SHEWING the DEFENCES of NEW YORK Both by Land and Sea. London, November, 1781. 16 x 9. Full color. VG. Engraved by John Lodge. $1,800.00

Captured by the British in September of 1776, New York was again in the news when this map was published. After Cornwallis surrendered to Washington at Yorktown on October 17, 1781, British troops were concentrated in New York while peace was negotiated. Captions relate to events at the beginning of the War, noting for instance British General Howe's landing on long Island, and where "the Rebels were defeated." A gibbet is seen, appropriately, at Gallows Point on Oyster Bay, and the "Breach made by the Sea in Winter of 1777-78" is identified at Sandy Hook. Sand banks are marked and soundings given. With compass rose and scale bar. Guthorn, British Maps 156-12; Nebenzahl, Bibliography #104; Jolly POL-40.

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