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[North America] Moll, The Isle of California, New Mexico, Louisiana, the River Misisipi. [sic] and The Lake's [sic] of Canada. London, 1701. 6 x 7. BW. Fine. First edition. On text leaf with page number 152 is from Moll's A System of Geography, the first appearance of this map. "Moll published a beautiful little map...on which he crowded a vast amount of information as well as much misinformation." (Wheat TM I, p 55.) This at a time when little was known about the interior of the American West. Besides the Isle of California with a number of place names there are numerous mountains and rivers including an extensive upper Missouri. A Recollet Mission is in western Canada below L. Assinibouels. The Mississippi enters the Gulf of Mexico near the mouth of the Rio Grande. Indian tribes are noted. Forts are shown along the Mississippi and in the Great Lakes region. McLaughlin #144; Tooley #78; Wagner #487, Wheat #81. Sold

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