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[North America] Hennepin, A Map of a New World between New Mexico and the Frozen Sea... London, 1698. 10 x 17. BW. Close bottom and right margins. 1" tear in right side repaired; archival backing.

Hennepin was a Recollet missionary who accompanied LaSalle in exploring the western parts of New France. He wrote several influential books about the New World. Hennepin exaggerated and fabricated what he had seen and done, but did make contributions such as discovering St. Anthony Falls on the Mississippi. This map shows the Mississippi entering the Gulf of Mexico far to the west of its true position. The Great Lakes are distorted though recognizable. California is in peninsular form. A caption in the West "Tract of Lands full of Wild bulls" refers to bison. With an inset of the Land of Jesso and Japan. The elaborate cartouche is laudatory of dedicatee Protestant King William III of England, an unexpected patron of a Catholic missionary. Burden #746; Karpinski XXIX (French text edition); McCorkle 698.5. Sold

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