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[Western hemisphere] Munster, Die Neuwen Inseln... Basle, 1540 (1572). 10 x 13. BW. Bottom and right margins are rough; a small void in a blank area at the upper centerfold is expertly repaired. Good+. The first atlas map to show the Americas as a distinct landmass, though with many distortions. Yucatan is an island. Magellan's ship Victoria is seen in the Pacific Ocean below Zipangri (Japan), which mistakenly lies near the West Coast of America. A large body of water (the sea of Verrazano) nearly cuts through north America, leaving only a narrow isthmus on the east coast. The word "canibali" appears next to an image of body parts about to be cooked. The 7448 islands in the Pacific come from Marco Polo's narrative. Burden 12, state 13. $6,500.00

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