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[Western hemisphere] Waldseemuller / Fries / Treschel, Oceanus Occidentalis. Lyon, 1522 (1535). 11 x 16. BW. Faint show-thru in margins, else Fine. Reduced from Waldseemuller's important 1513 map, the first printed atlas map devoted to the New World, but with added information and decoration. The map shows a continuous coast line from the river Caninor (at the correct latitude for the mouth of the St. Lawrence), south to near the mouth of the Rio de la Plata. While geographically similar to Waldseemuller, several changes indicate growing knowledge of the New World. South America is now Terra Nova rather than Terra Incognita. A Spanish flag now flies over Isabella (Cuba). An inscription in the Caribbean credits Columbus with discovery of the New World. Next to Terra Nova are vignettes of cannibals and an opossum. On the other hand, the mythical island of Brazil is seen west of England. This map is from an edition edited by Michael Servetus who was burned at the stake for heresy by Calvin who also ordered the book destroyed. Thus, examples of this map are less common than otherwise would be the case. Burden 4; Karrow 28/29; Moreland & Bannister, p. 246. $14,500.00

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