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LePage, Carte De La Louisiane... Paris, 1758. 10 x 13˝. B&W. VG. From the 3-volume history by LePage Du Pratz. From New Mexico to the Appalachians and the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes. Shows tribes, forts, mines and depicts a leg in the transcontinental journey of Native American Moncacht-Apé, a member of the Yazoo tribe. Du Pratz claims to have interviewed the traveler, but some scholars believe much of the account of his Atlantic - Pacific journey is from Lahontan and others. If true, Moncacht-Apé's Atlantic - Pacific journeys would predate both MacKenzie and Lewis and Clark by a century. The work was influential for many years – Lewis & Clark carried an English translation with them on their epic journey. Howes L266; Don McGuirk, unpublished lecture July, 2012; Sabin, 40122; Wheat, Trans-Mississippi West, #139. SOLD

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