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Pine, Plate VI. 14 x 23. BW save original pale green wash in sea. Bird's-eye view of the battle with elaborate border featuring portraits of Lord Howard and 21 other English commanders, including Sir Francis Drake in the Revenge, Sir George Brecton in the Dreadnaught, Sir John Hawkins in the Victory, and Lord Henry Somers in the Raynbow [sic]. MCCS No. 4


Pine, Plate IX. 14 x 23. BW save original pale green wash in sea. Details a portion of the battle being fought close to shore where an artillery emplacement, pikemen and other war-like vignettes are in evidence. At the same time, against a backdrop of the battle and the land fortifications, civilians go about their daily business! A countrywoman carries a market basket, a gent fishes in the moat an early instance of Brits keeping calm and carrying on. The decorative border includes a portrait of the Lord Admiral and other worthies including Sir Martin Frobisher and Sir John Hawkins.

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